Our Story

We are builders. We are Dreamers. We exist to bring all the world’s impact in one place.

Founded in 2014, Developfy started out as a passion project to uncover the successes and failures around solving the most pressing issues impacting humans today. Why? We believe we need to stop safeguarding careers around solving social, environmental, and economic issues. The faster we can collectively solve human problems, the faster we can begin advancing as a human race. We believe this can be accomplished in our lifetime, but first, we must come together and share what we have learned - our impact knowledge.

Our Vision

We want all of the world’s impact knowledge.

On our mission to bring the world’s impact knowledge in one place, we’re dedicated to building a conscious impact knowledge stream - a stream is a knowledge string tying together impact organizations. By doing so, we believe our streams will quantify impact.

Our Values

Be Knowledgeable

Open your mind and listen. We focus on listening rather than speaking.

Leverage Technology

In the pursuit of solving problems, we leverage big data to bridge the impact divide.

Build Empathy

We push to understand how to first empathize, define, and then solve.

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